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Canary got the update you wanted


Canary is a tech startup that aims to make people home more safe an connected. It’s owners have experience in security, robotics, software and design. The first product by the startup is a home security system that is available to everyone at an affordable price. Its first product received massive attention and profits. The $199 security camera was bought off from Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Apple and Verizon along with its own website.

The security camera company received a lot of complains from its customers, however. There was not an easy way to watch the camera’s feed on television big screen. Canary was quick enough to address this by launching a new version of the app which now supports Apple TV. This support in the app lets users view either through live stream of the camera on the television but also watch the saved recording from the timeline.

Canary supports iPad and Android


This new feature in the app makes Canary useful. Before it was only focused on bringing remote viewing capabilities to user smart phones. Now, the feature makes passive tracking easier as well. For example, with this new feature users can keep a track on their yards while being inside. People who only own one Canary device will now go straight to the Dashboard view on their Apple TV app. Users can then choose whether to watch the live feed or view another one from the timeline.

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Multiple device support will allow users to make use of the location view, where they can move between different locations whilst, using the app. In order to view a specific even the users just need to click a specific thumbnail image. Users can also bookmark or delete an event from the timeline by using the appropriate button. The new canary app also supports tablets which include both Android and iPad along with Android wear.

Image via DigitalTrends