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Apple adds green color in iPhone 13 series

Apple is updating the color palette of the iPhone 13 (Mini) and iPhone 13 Pro, starting with two new shades of green later this month. For example, the company is expanding the selection to a total of six colors, while the hardware and price remain the same. Not only the new third-generation iPhone SE with Apple A15 chip and 5G technology should boost the sales figures of smartphones from the American manufacturer in the coming months, but the actual bestseller will also receive an optical upgrade. Apple used the past “Peak Performance” to announce the new “Green” and “Alpine Green” colors for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 13 Pro. Pre-orders will be accepted from March 11, with delivery from March 18.

Colorful addition

In addition to the more inconspicuous versions in black, white, rose or gold, Apple is again relatively colorful in the flagship range, along with blue and red Product Red Edition. The iPhone 12 could already be supplemented with exotic green and violet after the iPhone 11 was or is even available in bright yellow. Both models can still be ordered through the Apple Store.

Which colors Apple customers prefer to use when buying a smartphone, however, remains a secret. The company does not publish detailed sales figures. The new green color is not directly related to Apple’s environmental initiatives, but the manufacturer again emphasizes the lowest possible environmental impact in the production of the iPhone 13 (Pro). It states, among other things, that 100 percent of the rare earth used for magnets, gold for printed circuit boards and wiring, and plastic for antenna cables are made from recycled materials. However, the changes that have now been made are only visual in nature. Technically and in terms of price, everything remains the same.


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