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Apple AirPods Max Design Feature That Went Unnoticed


A large price tag and sophisticated construction attract a lot of attention to the Apple AirPods Max. Now a design detail was highlighted at a teardown that many had previously missed: The connection of the bracket is very cleverly constructed.

The Apple AirPods Max still have “One More Thing”

Apple has done a lot right in terms of construction with its AirPods Max – even if there are serious criticisms. As iFixit recently attested in its teardown, the headphones have an impressively well-thought-out design in many areas, which the competition often does not offer. Among other things, the professional carvers are impressed by the construction of the joint that connects the temple and auricle. As another teardown now highlights, it is often such small details that Apple can use to stand out a little.

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As the teardown channel, Pre look demonstrates in its video about the AirPods Max – iFixit also praised this design here – the headband of the Apple headphones can be easily removed from the auricle using a SIM card tool in a small hole on the inside. This compresses two small springs inside the joint, and the clamp that secures the headband can loosen.


Reference to the design process

Because of the high complexity of the joint, this solution is definitely very interesting – and possibly also a reference to the development history of the AirPods Max. Early reports had attributed Apple to the ambition to make the headband of the headphones easily interchangeable, like the magnetic ones Auricles is the case. When this idea was introduced, there was no more to be heard, but the hardware definitely makes it very easy to remove the bracket.

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A small but fine detail can also be seen in the connection that Apple uses on the transition joint. This definitely brings back strong memories of the Lightning port and, especially in comparison with many other solutions that are used in headphones, should ensure longevity at this often fragile point.

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