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Apple Watch 7 And Galaxy Watch 4 Will Tell Your Blood Sugar Levels

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With the new generations of smartwatches from the two manufacturers Samsung and Apple, it should be possible to determine the wearer’s blood sugar level. This means that the new editions of the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch are particularly suitable for diabetics.

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To avoid hypoglycaemia or hypoglycaemia, diabetics have to check their blood sugar levels several times a day. As ETNews reports, this task could be taken over by future smartwatch models. Both Samsung and Apple are currently working on devices that can measure the sugar content. These are the Apple Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active3.

Devices work with optical sensors

Of course, the smartwatches do not have a needle that is used to poke the user’s skin in order to obtain a blood sample. Instead, the two manufacturers are likely to rely on an optical sensor. The blood sugar level can then be determined with the help of Raman spectroscopy. The responsible developers from the two companies are working with scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to achieve a high level of reliability with the method.

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It remains to be seen whether the feature will turn out to be practical. Who is for the new wearable ranges interested by Samsung and Apple, will have to wait a few more months. It is likely that Samsung will present the devices as part of an unpacked event in the second half of the year. The new Apple Watch 7 could be launched in September and thus in the same period.