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Apple AirPods New Feature Conversation Boost Added In iOS 15

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The AirPods also benefit from the fact that Apple is introducing many new functions with iOS 15. Among other things, the Conversation Boost was newly introduced, and they are also better integrated into the ” Where is ” app.

As was to be expected, Apple is stepping on the feature gas with the presentation of iOS 15 as part of the WWDC 2021 keynote and fortunately, there were also announcements for the audiophile friends for new functions of the Apple AirPod headphones. Interaction with other Apple devices has been improved, and it also makes conversations easier.

What is particularly exciting about the innovations is the so-called conversation boost, which will ensure that the AirPods focus on the person who is directly in front of you. Especially people with impaired hearing should be able to go through life better with it.

Also helpful: The function for reading out messages has been expanded. There will be a new “announce notifications” option that will read out incoming notifications from apps that you have selected beforehand.

It was also stated that AirPods Pro and Pro Max will get better integration with the “Where is” app. The new view of the surroundings is particularly nice here. So that it doesn’t happen that you have to use this feature in view of lost AirPods, a warning message on your smartphone should remind you that you may have just left your AirPods behind.

Spatial Audio, Apple’s 3D sound feature introduced last year, has also been enhanced. With iOS 15, Spatial Audio will also come to streaming hardware with tvOS, as well as M1 Macs.

The three-dimensional spatial audio comes to tvOS. This allows you to couple the AirPods Max with the streaming box, for example, and thus enjoy the spatial sound on the television.

We were also informed that Apple Music users will also benefit from Dolby Atmos in the future, albeit not for the entire library.