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8 Key Innovations In Apple iOS 15 Announced

iOS 15

Apple started the WWDC 2021 with a presentation of the new iOS 15. The iPhone operating system gets functions that improve multitasking and cross-device work, there are also updates for maps, photos, and a focus function for concentrated work.

The list of innovations in iOS 15 is long – in addition, there are a number of improvements with which Apple is drilling up the services already available such as messages, FaceTime, and maps. Not all innovations will be available some of the features presented are certainly not relevant for everyone. It is interesting that Apple is starting many functions again that were previously only offered by third-party providers. We have a brief overview of the most important changes for you:


Apple starts all over again with “Focus”. The application helps to concentrate on specific tasks, i.e. to focus. It can be individually adapted for this purpose and is primarily used to minimize the number of distractions. In addition, the notifications have been given a revised look and iOS 15 also comes as a summary. Instead of a pile of notifications, you see one big summary notification. Focus also has an AI-controlled option. The function suggests, for example, location-based to mute certain apps. If you are in the gym, you will not receive any emails in this mode, for example, and the focus is on sports apps and music.

Live text

A particularly exciting feature comes with Live Text. Live Text is an automatic optical character recognition via the camera app, which is intended to facilitate the handling of written information. Users can point the camera at text on a board, sign, or page, and Live Text makes it selectable and can be copied and pasted elsewhere. The feature is AI-based and not limited to just the camera app, it can be used to scan photos virtually anywhere in the operating system, including previously captured photos and web images. It also supports seven languages ​​- and can recognize objects and scenes in images and tag them.

Wallet: Hotel Keys

In addition to the auto-key function, the Apple Wallet now has a divisible key for hotels, Airbnb, and co. Details are not known. In the USA, driver’s licenses will also be storable and retrievable in the wallet, modeled on credit cards and membership cards.


The live text function starts in the Photos app. The Photos app has the option to edit the AI-generated reminders. Memory Mixes gets Apple Music support for this in order to select suitable music.


The Spotlight search has new options and a different look. With iOS 15, users can search for photos within their library using keywords. The search for contacts has been improved and a plethora of new cards have been added that show information about actors, movies, and other types of content.

Weather app

The weather app is getting a visual revision and will in the future also display different layouts depending on the weather event.


The news app has a new “Share with you” view, which includes apps like Safari, Photos, Apple Music, and AppleTV. In the future, you will find everything there that you have shared with your contact. There are also new views for photos as a stack or as a collage.

Maps Cards

According to the iOS presentation, there will initially be only a few innovations for the map app. New ideas such as a new 3D navigation and AR support for the detection of buildings will initially only start in the USA. Apple announced that it would bring its updated map display to Australia, Italy, Portugal and Spain later in the year.

Beta start and general availability

iOS 15 starts today with the first developer beta version. The finished OS will then be released in autumn for all devices that also support iOS 14. An exact date has not been set, but traditionally it should be mid/end of September.