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Apple becomes the top seller in the wearable market breaking all previous records

According to the research data, Apple has become the top seller in the wearables market, breaking previous records of 2016. None of the company could get near to Apple in wearables—research claims.

The market of wearables is still dubious since its inception, the market was never been considered a mainstream market like mobile phones and it never got a boom as compared to mobile phones, in fact, wearables market is a fraction of the mobile market.

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But there is still a market out there which is still breathing, smart wearables to make people’s life easier such as fitness & health devices and smart Watches with exclusive applications and features have slightly increasing demand which very few companies pay attention to.

According to the research conducted by Canalys, the wearable market is dominated by Apple Watch. The report claims that the US mobile manufacturer has shipped more than 18 million smart watched in 2017 and more interestingly half of those shipped during the fourth quarter. Total of 8 million smartwatches was shipped during the fourth quarter of 2017 which sets a new record sales of Apple watches in a single quarter.

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The major factor which could play an important role in this sales jump was overlooked in the research. The Christmas period, where everyone looks for a unique gift, as Apple smartwatch is not a gender specific it could be a gift from anyone to everyone and could be unique for many. Definitely, Apple watch becomes the first choice when thinking of a gift other than a smartphone but closely related. There is no doubt Christmas has played a critical role in setting this record for Apple.

The research by Canalys also claims that Apple Watch Series 3 is the fastest growing wearable on the market currently, Apple has already shipped 1.6 million units of Watch Series 3. According to the research, the fourth quarter results were 32% higher on a year-to-year basis as compared to the previous year in 2016. Additionally, Apple watch shipments were increased by 54% as compared to the shipments of the previous year 2016.

Apple is not the only wearable on the market, Google, Samsung, and Xiaomi are the key players but Apple is thriving in this segment, what Google and Xiaomi will do to get closer only the time could reveal.