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Apple Buying Manchester United Rumors Explained

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British News agency Daily Star recently reported rumors that iPhone giant Apple is interested in buying Manchester United football club. As it turns out, these rumors just aren’t true at all.

Because: There is no indication of the source of the rumors. Where the information regarding Apple’s “interest” in buying the sports club is coming from is simply in the dark for the tabloid. The author does not refer to an outside source. Other media, therefore, speculate that it is a purely made-up story or wishful thinking. Unfortunately, this is not unusual for tabloids.

No, Apple has no plans to buy Manchester United

The rumor arose after the club announced on Tuesday that its board wanted to examine “strategic alternatives”, including a possible sale of the club. The news came on the same day as Manchester United announced their star player Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving the club. How Apple then came into play is unknown.

Although Apple is not known for commenting on rumours, according to the magazine MacRumors, there are indications that the Man United takeover is not to be taken seriously. The insider source, which MacRumors regularly uses, explicitly denies the plans.

Apple is not currently planning to buy Premier League club Manchester United or any other football club. The report by the British tabloid The Daily Star claims, quite concretely, that Apple has expressed an interest in buying Manchester United for around $7 billion. “Our source with direct knowledge of the situation said the report was incorrect,” reports MacRumors. Manchester United has been majority-owned by the Glazer family since 2005. At the moment it doesn’t look like it will stay that way for long. Therefore, there should still be a lot of speculation in the British press.