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Apple threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store, Musk says.

Since Elon Musk took over, Twitter has been in complete disarray. Elon Musk said that Apple has threatened to remove Twitter from the Apple App Store. Although the reason wasn’t specified, Elon Musk’s free speech agenda may have resulted in the removal of Twitter from both the Google and Apple app stores.

Apple has also stopped advertising on Twitter!

Elon Musk is planning to make Twitter a platform where everyone is given a right to free speech and shouldn’t be removed or banned until or unless the given statement is illegal. Musk, on the basis of a public poll, has decided to unban all the restricted accounts that haven’t broken a law. Several accounts were recovered, including the former US president’s account.

Like Apple, not everyone is quite happy with the idea of free speech. Musk has claimed that Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter and has also threatened to remove the app. Several news stories have gone viral on social media. In return for Apple’s boss’s tweet, Elon Musk targeted him by asking whether they spoke freely in America or not. Also, he targeted Apple’s CEO post by asking what is going on here.

In spite of rising issues, Musk has objected to Apple’s strategy on the App Store, although it charges 30% of revenue to developers. Apple has also restricted its users from using alternate billing methods. Musk targeted Apple, saying that they were secretly holding down the idea of free speech. He also questioned them about search terms by asking who else they had censored.

Musk polled the public on the publication of censored actions, and 1.9 million people (80%) agreed with his statement.Musk said that he’ll post all the details about this censored content because everyone has a right to know what is actually happening because we are losing free speech even in America.

With the Musks taking over, the chaotic environment regarding Twitter is still not settling. The fast amendments to the app policies and terms are making everyone around them keenly concerned. Most likely, if Twitter is removed by Apple and Google follows the same pattern, Musk plans to build smartphones that include a platform.

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