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Apple Buys Classical Music Streaming Company To Expand Apple Music

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Apple has acquired Primephonic, a company that specializes in preparing classical music for the digital age. All previous services and features will be integrated into Apple Music and a new app, but that may take a while.

Apple Goes After Classical Music

Primephonic had made a name for itself as a streaming service with high audio quality, specializing in classical music. The company offers more than a digital playback platform. With extended search and browse functions, curation by experts as well as extensive context-related details on the repertoire and recordings, users are offered many additional incentives here – which users will now have to do without quite promptly.

As Primephonic writes in the announcement of the takeover, they are working with Apple to develop a new “amazing classical music experience”. A publication is not expected before the beginning of next year, the end of the streaming offer will come much faster: “Unfortunately, the Primephonic service will be taken offline from September 7th,” said the company.

Current subscribers will receive a refund and should be informed in a corresponding email. Previous users of the service will also find a little consolation here: a code for 6 months of Apple Music, which must be redeemed by November 30th.

Apple describes the future

Apple emphasizes that with Primephonic you get the perfect basis for a completely revamped classical music experience within your own music service. At the start, Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content are to flow into Apple Music. “In the coming months” will be followed by “browsing and search functions for composers and repertoire, detailed displays of metadata of classical music as well as new functions and advantages”. The plans for next year: A “special app for classical music” that builds on the know-how.

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