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Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Departure Expected in 2025


Tim Cook has been sitting in the executive chair at Apple for 10 years, but how are things going for the next few years? There are currently increasing signs that the Apple CEO could celebrate his departure in 2025. Before that, he probably wants to bring a large new product category onto the track.

Tim Cook is said to have at least considered his departure

Ten years after taking over the reins from Apple’s father, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook can be said to have been an absolute success economically. The company’s share value grew by an unbelievable 1000 percent under his leadership, Apple was able to position itself in countless new markets and dominate them after a short time. On the recent anniversary, however, the question arises again: Who will succeed the CEO and when is the 61-year-old planning to leave in November? Cook himself recently announced that “in 10 years” he will probably no longer be at the helm of Apple. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claims to have received some clues from his contacts at Apple for an assessment.

Currently, Cooks is very likely to remain on the Apple CEO post until 2025. Until then, an additional package of one million shares is planned for payment. Of course, it is to be expected that the board members would still be more than happy about an extension – assuming continued success. Gurman sees “some signs”, however, that Tim Cook is not planning to expand his commitment and is clearly considering his departure: “Within Apple, it is assumed that Cook only wants to stay for another major new product category”, so Bloomberg.

One more cook-thing

Which product should mark the farewell to Cook is of course also the subject of speculation. Currently, all available information points to Apple’s efforts around a mixed reality headset. The company is currently aiming for a first look at hardware for the end of 2022; based on these considerations, the hardware would be mature in 2025.