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Apple Co-Founder Starts an Online Technology University

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who established Apple with Steve Jobs, has introduced a new online technology program by the name of ‘Woz U’. The program is made to enhance and encourage the skill set needed for entering the technology industry and in affordable limits.

In one of the statements made by Wozniak, he said that the objective is to train people with digital skills which could prove beneficial for their employment. He further added that people fear technology-based job roles, his mission is to show them that they can do the jobs well and he intends to demonstrate them that how it’s done.

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Wozniak plans to expand this program up to thirty or so locations around the world offering courses on various technologies including cybersecurity, software engineering, mobile app development and information technology. The Woz U platform be providing education free of charge or would it be charging some fee for the online education program is not yet clear and is also not mentioned on the website.

On the website of Woz U, it was stated that the online program is dedicated to technology and career-based plans for getting people employed affordably and quickly. The platform is enthusiastic about developing the workforce of the future by inspiring the later generation of visionaries.

Woz U aims to provide one-on-one technology-based education to the users of the program. It also stated that it plans to bring out the best development experience in pupils, educators, consumers and creative professionals throughout the world via their creative curriculum, personalized trainings, and delivery platform.

The major focus of Woz U is to increase the workforce in careers like Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, also called STEAM careers.

A mobile app by Woz U is also available which is equipped with an aptitude test which guides the probable students towards their best possible career direction, based on their strengths an interest. The app is also offering some basic courses in which one can enroll.

Wozniak also said that he has worked his complete life to make the world a better place via technology and has always respected education. He said that now its Woz U’s turn to take the agenda further and it’s just the start.

Woz U could also be accessed by firms for hiring, training and retaining their employees.