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Apple could be working on a touchscreen MacBook

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Apple has released various series of MacBooks over the years. But it has never come up with a touchscreen Mac.

In October 2010, at the launch event of the MacBook Pro, Steve Jobs stated that touch screens are not meant to be vertical. It won’t work for vertical screens. He regarded this notion as a terrible idea. Given that timeline, a lot has changed. But unfortunately, Apple has not yet introduced a touchscreen laptop.

As of now, a recent report by Bloomberg suggests something interesting. According to this report, Cupertino has taken this idea into consideration. It is in close association with other relevant sources close to Apple. It declares that the tech firm is presently experimenting with a touchscreen MacBook. If this is the case, we can expect a MacBook with a touchscreen to arrive by 2025.

Well, if we go by this report then it is evident that the recent touchscreen MacBook project is in the development phase. As per Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the previously alleged OLED MacBook could be the first one to be introduced with a touchscreen feature. The laptop might be based on a similar MacBook design. But it will be equipped with touchscreen capabilities.

In the past, Apple has tested various laptop prototype products with touchscreens. But these experiments were always conducted in the internal setup. In an interview in 2016, Craig Federighi stated that all these prototypes were considered to be a negotiation for the original laptop. Since the touchscreen doesn’t fit with the basic idea of a laptop. It is because laptops are already presented with specific multi-touch trackpad and keyboard inputs.

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