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Samsung is working on MicroLED displays for smartwatches


Samsung has introduced some electronic products that utilize MicroLEd technology. One such example is the high-end TV sets by the tech firm. But the company has restricted the tech to merely a few products. Well, this is the time for things to change. A recent report from South Korea points out that the tech firm has started the commercialization of MicroLED tech for wearables i.e., smartwatches.

Presently, the smartwatches by Samsung are based on OLED displays. Besides manufacturing the OLED panels for its own use, the company supplies them to other manufacturers as well. If we go by the above-mentioned report, then we can expect that MicroLED tech will be utilized in the future series of Galaxy Watches.

Samsung is one of the largest suppliers of OLED panels to various companies. One such association is between Apple and Samsung for the supply of OLED panels. However, recently we came across news that indicated that Apple desires to switch to OLED panels for its smartwatches. If that is the case, Samsung might lose its potential client. Since it doesn’t manufacture MicroLED displays for small devices. But if the tech firm Samsung changes its strategy it might be successful in retaining Apple as its client.

Well, if we compare MicroLED and OLED panels, we come to know about the major differences between the two technologies. The two technologies differ in color reproduction, brightness, contrast ratio, and other factors. In addition to this, one of the notable features of MicroLED is that it is power efficient. Given this feature, the smartwatches will be presented with better battery time.

By the end of 2022, Samsung developed a team specifically focused on working on this tech. the basic objective of the team is to figure out the best way to commercialize this tech in the future. It is going to be a long-term process. However, Samsung Developers aims to complete it within this year. Well, if it is done, then Samsung would be in a great position to fulfill the requirements of both tech companies i.e., Samsung and Apple.

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