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Apple does not collect that much data as you think


Recently, user data issues have surfaced which put tech companies at the spotlight. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal brought to surface a lot of questions. There has been an ongoing research to map out exactly how much do other tech companies know about us. Jefferson Graham of USA Today took to map out on how much data Apple had on him-the answer to your surprise is that not so much.

Apple has made it fairly easy to download user data from iCloud and Apple ID in order to comply with European Union rules. Now users have the authority to correct their information, deactivate their account or delete it altogether. What comes as a surprise is that Apple does not have that much information on you as you might expect.

Apple’s data is mostly stored locally on the device and not on cloud servers which explains the size of the Apple’s data package.

Apple has records of what you download, purchase and device repairs but does not have access to the search history either through Siri or Safari. The company is very serious about user privacy and takes it to extreme levels than the competing tech giants in the market. Apple data usually keeps time stamps of when iPhone is backed or photos are uploaded to iCloud along with email and physical address. The company keeps track of every app ever downloaded on the phone but did not keep the list of questions user ask from Siri.

When you ask Siri questions, the company masks the user identity with a random identifies, which makes Siri smarter because it still knows what questions people are asking but none can be traced to the original user. The data apple collects is your browsing history from Macs and iPhones. Users have the right to see where information is being sent by Apple by going to Settings, Privacy and then Advertising. You scroll to “View Ad Information” to see who is targeting you.

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