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Beware – A viral message is freezing WhatsApp

A message is getting viral on the biggest social media App WhatsApp. On receiving this message, the app gets crashed as per the reports. It is Telugu script message consisting of a “Telugu” text bomb. The message is, “‘I can hang your WhatsApp for a while, just touch below message.”

The message is being sent to both Android and iPhone users. There is a black icon that it is displayed in the message. If you click it, your WhatsApp will get unresponsive for some time. Now the reason for the crash is not the black icon. The app is crashing because there is a space in between the text return and the black dot. When the message is converted into the HTML format it is seen that the text has a right-to-left mark. It is an invisible character which separates left-to-right mark from the right-to-left mark. Now WhatsApp uses the left-to-right mark, not right-to-left mark. As the formatting is wrong in the text, it is forcing WhatsApp to change its direction and resulting in its crash.

The message being circulated, as shown above, looks like a spam instantly and any common man can understand that. But some users out of curiosity or without thinking at all, tap on the message. Thus WhatsApp gets unresponsive for some time.

WhatsApp is the most famous app globally. Presently the app is receiving many updates along with the Group Video Call feature as announced by Director WhatsApp Mubarik Imam.

Also, WhatsApp launched Restrict Group feature for admins. This feature would give the group admins option to restrict the other members from sending text messages, videos, GIFs, documents, photographs or voice messages.

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