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Apple employees are using Android phones to protest

Share Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world, a giant that is worth billions of euros and that employs hundreds of thousands of workers in different countries. Nevertheless, not even the largest ones are free from labor disputes.

The Californian giant has been accused of going against the unions of its workers, who would have used encrypted chats and even Android phones to avoid espionage by their superiors. The reason? They want to get a raise in salary.

Apple against the protests of its workers

It made the news just a few days ago, after protests by some workers, Starbucks will raise the salary of its employees. This move, which made headlines around the world, seems to have inspired the workers of the bitten apple. Inflation makes living conditions in the country more and more complicated and Apple is a giant of its caliber, things are quite clear for workers. They consider that their salaries are not up to the circumstances.

For this reason, they have grouped together and protested in front of places as important as the World Trade Center in New York. The new iPhone 13 Pro, showing off its screen in an Apple Store. Fearing possible reprisals from Apple, many of the employees have contacted the media anonymously. In addition, they have even had to resort to encrypted chats and Android devices to try to avoid the possible espionage by Apple.

Although the company has increased its income by 33% since 2021, Apple’s plans were to raise the salary of its employees between 2% and 10%, depending on the location pointed out by Bloomberg. This would have been one of the reasons for the dispute.