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Resident Evil: Netflix Releases The Second Teaser

Netflix is ​​currently vigorously promoting its live-action series Resident Evil, which launches worldwide in July and is obviously based on the video game brand of the same name. In the second teaser, we learn more about a miracle pill that the Umbrella Corporation plans to bring to the market. The new Netflix series tells an independent story that only picks up individual elements from the game template.

After the first teaser introduced the new protagonist Jade Wesker, the second video is all about the so-called “joy pill”, which is supposed to help against depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder, among other things. As Albert Wesker (played by Lance Reddick) explains in the teaser, the drug can also lead to unwanted side effects, since the T-virus is part of the prescription.

Video game connoisseurs know what that means. Besides the rather cute mascot for the Joy pill, the second teaser also shows a bunch of different mutations like the Licker, a giant spider, and what looks like a huge caterpillar. Resident Evil launches on Netflix on July 14, 2022.