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Apple Increasing Salaries of Retail Employees In The U.S.

Bloomberg report indicates that Apple is offering raises to many of its U.S. retail employees. These increases range from 2 percent to 10 percent, depending on where they are located. Pay increases are being granted to Genius Bar support staff and salespeople.

Apple is believed to be increasing the salaries of its retail employees due to inflation, the hard labor market, and employee complaints about working conditions during the pandemic. Bloomberg reports that pay increases were announced this week at store briefings as well as individual meetings with employees. The majority of employees receiving raises are those who worked for the company prior to 2020. However, not all employees will receive a pay increase.

Apple’s plans have not been made public to all stores, but they will take effect in February. They are different from the annual raises in October. Bloomberg spoke with two Apple employees who received a raise in their pay. A salesperson was paid an additional $3 per hour to make them $25 per hour and repair work is now being paid $24 per hour after receiving a $3 per hour increase.

Apple announced this week that it will be offering improved benefits in addition to the raises. Apple now offers 12 days of paid sick leave instead of six. These days can be used to treat illnesses or mental health issues, as well as for visiting family members.

Employees are now eligible to receive an increase in the number of vacation days each year. Apple used to offer additional vacation days for employees after five years of service, but now they provide additional vacation days for those who have been employed for three years. Part-time employees can now also be eligible for vacation days, up to six weeks of paid paternal leave, and as much as five years.