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Apple introduces firmware updates for MagSafe 3 charging cable

Just recently, the tech company Apple released a firmware update for the two-meter USB-C. The recent step will update USB-C to MagSafe 3 charging cable. However, besides this initial information, we have no clue what the update actually accompanies. Whether it fixes some issues or what.  

Looking at the performance of the company, it is evident that the company rarely introduces updates to most of its products. For instance, the case with AirPods. Well, most of the products by the company perform well without any significant updates for a long time. Since the company upgraded the MagSafe Duo charger firmware just at the beginning of the following month.

Besides this, the company has shared no patch notes or updates. So, it is unclear what is the basic purpose of this update. However, if we look at the previous updates by the company it becomes evident that most of the updates were associated with performance, security, or enhancing compatibility with other devices.

Initially, the updates were identified by @aaronp613 and iSoftware Updates on Twitter. Among the Apple products provided with MagSafe 3 port are MacBooks. These include the M2 MacBook Air introduced in 2022, and the 14-inch as well as 16-inch MacBook Pro models introduced in 2021 or later. The updates will be automatically installed on the charging cable once it is connected to the Mac.

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