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Three cities will soon get Google Fiber’s 5-gig internet service

As per a report by Engadget, Google Fiber has initiated the delivery of 5 Gbps speeds in some markets. In accordance with the information, Kansas City, West Des Moines, and the Salt Lake City metropolitan area are selected as the initial sites for the delivery of 5 Gbps speeds. The feature has started rolling out now. One thing to note here is that the tech company Google began testing the limited access of faster 5-gig as well as 8-gig in 2022 to limited consumers in the above-mentioned areas.

As per the reports, the subscription price of the new 5Gbps package will be $125 per month. In addition to this, the package is provided with several other options. These include the optional Wi-Fi 6 router, professional installation services, and up to two mesh extenders. Given the professional services, the homes will be upgraded to be prepared for 10Gbps.

When it comes to speed, the 5 Gbps internet from Google Fiber is presented with symmetrical upload and download speeds. It is specifically beneficial for those consumers who work with large files. It is a massive update in contrast to the present  1- to 2.5-gigabit offerings. For the span of the previous few years, the company has not progressed much in this respective field. Ut now the company is progressing and expanding the service across more regions. Resultantly, we can anticipate 8-gigabit-plus speed offerings from the company in near future.

Besides Google, some other companies like Frontier and Optimum are providing similar services. But they are priced higher i.e., Frontier charges $155, and Optimum charges $180 per month. Furthermore, Comcast claims that it is soon going to introduce a ‘10G’ multi-gig service in selected markets.