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Apple iOS 11.3 will let you turn off phone throttle feature

iOS 11.3

Apple faced a lot of outrage and a U.S. Department of Justice investigation in 2017 when the slow battery scandal erupted. The company confirmed that it had been slowing down aging iPhones in an attempt to save battery life and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Now, a new function included in the company’s new operating system, iOS 11.3, allows owners to de-throttle their phone if they want to do so choose.

The Battery Health tool, which is currently available as a beta in the operating system’s newest release. The tool will tell iPhone users how well their battery functions and whether the speed-slowing power management feature has been activated on their respected device.

iOS 11.3 is set to make Apple’s wrongs into rights

This news comes according to an announcement from Apple. If that feature is on, the users will be given the option to turn it off — though the catch is that it will automatically reactivate if the phone does begin to turn itself off due to battery health issues.

The new performance management feature will default to off when devices update to iOS 11.3, according to Apple support, though it will turn back on if there is a subsequent unexpected shutdown. The phone throttling scandal provided many other phone giants to take a jibe at Apple. The company has been under a lot of scrutiny lately.

Battery Health is be available on any model later than the iPhone 6, and can be found in the “Battery” section of the “Settings” menu.

And if Battery Health reveals that the aging iPhone’s power source is on the wane, the user can restore some of its function with Apple’s $29 battery fix, which the company released to the audience during last year’s phone-slowing saga.

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