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Will Huawei beat everyone to the first foldable phone?

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The new Huawei P20 comes with three rear cameras shows that the Chinese phone maker is able to push the technological boundaries. In recent news its latest patent is for a foldable phone. The patent filed shows that it is a smartphone with a bendable display in several diagrams, according to the new Huawei patent filing the Dutch publication LetsGoDigital discovered.

The idea behind this futuristic-looking, bendable phone is to give users a tablet-sized display (ideal during long commutes), but let you fold it up into a smartphone-sized form factor which is easy to slip in the pocket.

We cannot offer any guarantee if Huawei will be able to pull off a foldable phone design in time for the sequels to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro or P20 and P20 Pro next year.

However, it has been indicated that it’s very keen to beat Samsung and Apple to a foldable phone

The company is the third largest in the world with competitors like Apple and Samsung. The design plan aims to bridge the gap. It doesn’t want to do with a gap in the middle of two screens, according to comments from Huawei CEO Richard Yu. That’s exactly the design of the ZTE Axon M.

Huawei’s new patent seems to solve that problem with a foldable display, but that’s merely on paper. There are no signs of Huawei foldable prototype hardware yet.

The other issue may be the durability of such technology. The science behind bendable phone shows that it is not made to endure many folds, currently.

Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Apple and now Huawei all appear to be sketching out plans for a truly foldable phone. It’s only a matter of time for one of them to claim that coveted world’s first title.

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