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Apple iOS 11 Does Not Support 32-Bit Apps

Apple iOS 11, the latest OS version was released yesterday. Users all around are excited about iOS 11 as it comes with some innovative and modern update.

The catch is that the new OS will only support 64-bit apps. Those apps that are 32-bit will most likely face problems in the latest version iOS 11.

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If you need to find out which apps won’t be supported under the new iPhone OS, just go to your Settings -> General -> About -> Applications on your iPhone and a list will appear of all the apps that have not been updated for iOS 11 as they are 32-bit.

Now there is no need to panic as many of the apps have already switched to 64-bit. It is also an effort by Apple to push developers to switch their apps to 64-bit.

Now before you update your iPhone or iPad it is best to see which apps are 32-bit and which are 64-bit. You might have to let go of the 32-bit apps.

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