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Apple iPad Air 4 Launch Date Is In October

iPad Air 4

Apple iPad Air 4 could be launching very soon, sooner than previously expected. The marketing material for the product has already reached retail stores, which means the product is about to come and sellers must be ready for it, according to tech reporter Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple revealed the iPad Air 4 in September, noting that the new tablet is due for an October launch. The tech giant didn’t mention a release date for the new iPad Air, but we’re now expecting it to arrive in October according to the reports.

As it currently stands, the iPad Air 4 is listed on Apple’s website, according to the list page, the device is available in October, so this is another official indication of launch as well. The store page details its starting price of $599 along with its 64GB and 128GB of storage options and its five color options. But there’s no release date for it; only a line saying “available in October.”  

This isn’t the most unusual behavior from Apple. But the company typically announces specific release date for its new products once they get revealed at a keynote.

For people keen to get their hands on the new iPad Air, this vagueness might be rather frustrating. But if Gurman’s predictions are correct, it doesn’t look like iPad fans will need to wait much longer for the redesigned tablet. 

Speaking of design, Apple has finally moved away from the rather archaic design of the iPad Air and modeled the new slate after the iPad Pro. The home button has gone, with a Touch ID scanner now integrated into the side-mounted power button. It certainly makes for a more modern-looking tablet.

Around the back, there’s a single camera module rather than the triple camera array with the LiDAR sensor of the latest iPad Pro. But arguably that camera setup is overkill for a tablet.  One neat new feature is the ability for the iPad Air 4 to work with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. With that and the improvements to iPadOS 14, the 10.9-inch tablet could be used as a form of hybrid laptop, especially as it has the power of the A14 Bionic chip to bring to bear. Just don’t expect it to replace a MacBook Air or Windows 10 ultraportable anytime soon, as iPadOS still has some limitations.