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Apple iPad Pro With Mini LED Display To Launch Early 2021: Confirmed

iPad Pro Mini LED

According to experts, the new Apple iPad Pro should appear in the first quarter of 2021 and be equipped with modern mini LED displays. Often only an intermediate step can be read because the topic of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) is not yet off the table.

The rumors about an iPad Pro with Mini LED screen in recent weeks, among other well-known Apple analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo scattered. He was cautious about the availability of the upcoming iPadOS tablet and announced the first half of 2021. The industry magazine Digitimes and Macrumors, on the other hand, reports on a significantly earlier start between January and March 2021, which was “confirmed” by industry-related sources in the vicinity of the Taiwanese Apple supplier General Interface Solution (GIS).

Mini-LEDs as a transition to micro-LED or OLED technology

With the mini-LED technology, larger numbers of smaller light-emitting diodes will move into the new iPad Pro models with 12.9-inch displays. This would not only result in more dimming areas but also darker black tones. Correspondingly, higher brightness and richer colors could result in a similarly high contrast that has only been offered by OLED displays so far. Even more compact and self-illuminating micro-LEDs are likely to be the spearhead in the near future. Due to the high price and various technical restrictions, these are currently not installed.

Apart from that, rumors were spreading in November that Apple is only planning an intermediate step with the mini-LED displays and will ultimately also rely on OLED screens in the 11- and 12-inch iPad format. However, the first models should not appear until the end of 2021 at the earliest, if not until 2022. As is well known, the company does not comment in advance on the speculation about the new Apple iPad Pro, which is why rumors of this kind should always be viewed with a certain skepticism.