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BOE Supplied First Batch Of OLED Panels To Apple For iPhone 12 And 12 Pro Last Week

Last week, Chinese Luotu Technology, a global technology industry research organization, revealed that the domestic screen panel supplier BOE has passed Apple’s certification and will supply Apple with screen panels for the iPhone 12 series phones. Today, Luotu Technology once again broke the news that BOE had completed the first batch of supplies to Apple before Sunday.

According to news from Luotu Technology, the first batch of panels supplied by JD.com to Apple is 6.1 inches and the number is 10,000 pieces. These screens will be used in the iPhone  12 and iPhone 12 Pro models with the largest shipments. The panels are mainly shipped from Chengdu B7 and Mianyang B11 factories and the second batch of shipments is likely to be completed this week.

As we all know, Apple has always been very strict in controlling the supply chain. BOE’s successful entry into Apple’s supply chain this time is also a demonstration of its own strength. It means that BOE’s products have top-notch quality and are of great significance to the entire Chinese manufacturing industry. Symbolic, at the same time, because of the huge shipments of Apple’s iPhone in the global market, BOE can also obtain more benefits.

It is said that the supply agreement between Apple and BOE may be based on production and sales. In addition, after the news, Apple is expected in 2021 OLED the iPhone mobile phone shipments will reach 1.6 to 180,000,000, while the BOE to supply 10 million, accounting for 5.5% share. In this regard, Luotu Technology analyst Robin believes that JD.com will supply Apple with panels of its main sales model. It is expected that the supply in 2021 will not be limited to the 10 million or 20 million pieces but based on BOE’s supply capacity.