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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test Shows Good Resistance

iPhone 12 Drop Test

After the market launch of the iPhone 12 (Pro) models, experts not only dismantle the smartphones in teardown but also dedicate themselves to the first drop tests. The new Ceramic Shield ensures good protection of the displays and correspondingly positive results.

This year, as a result of the iPhone 12 launch on October 23, the well-known videos that examine the new models in extreme situations are increasing. So-called drop tests, in which the smartphone hits the hard ground from great heights, are apparently particularly popular. While the wanton destruction for clicks on YouTube has made little sense in recent years, the drop tests with the iPhone 12 (Pro) are quite interesting. With the new devices, Apple is introducing two changes to the housing that are intended to protect the display from breakage.

The new screen protector of the iPhone 12 keeps what it promises

The Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12 displays, advertised by Apple, accommodates ” nano-sized ” ceramic crystals in the front glass, which should certify that the smartphones are four times more resistant to drops than their predecessors. In addition, this year the manufacturer relies on a flat metal frame, which is optionally made of aluminum or stainless steel (Pro). The production of the back of the glass is carried out again with the help of a double ion-exchange process, which was already used with the predecessor from last year. Apple continues to describe the front and back as the ” strongest glass on a smartphone “.

And indeed, the new features on the iPhone 12 (Pro) case seem to be having an effect, as the YouTuber EverythingApplePro proves in his latest video. Only when falling from a less realistic height of around three meters (10 feet) could the glass surfaces of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro be brought to their knees. In most cases, however, the iOS smartphones landed flat on their front or back, which in practice can be different than the classic fall in a pocket.

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What is certain is that the materials of the iPhone 12 (Pro) are still glass, which in the worst-case scenario can break. Careful handling or protection with display films and cases should be considered. Especially with regard to the MagSafe function, the selection of accessories is likely to grow significantly in the next few weeks.

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