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Apple iPhone 9: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan

Assuming that Apple calls its next release, Apple iPhone 9, let us find out what the phone will look like, what new features & specifications Apple might introduce, when will it launch and what will the price be in Pakistan.

First, we need to clear this that the new Apple phone can be called iPhone 9 or iPhone X2, iPhone Pro, iPhone XYZ or anything. So being on the safe side let us name the upcoming phone iPhone 9.

When will iPhone 9 release?

The answer will be best answered by looking back at history. Since iPhone 5, Apple has launched all its device in September. So on either first or second Tuesday or Wednesday Apple has launched all its phones from iPhone 5 to iPhone X. So the most likely chance is that iPhone 9 launch event will take place somewhere in September. But be open to surprises.

After it is released we can expect the phone to be available in Pakistan by October or November 2018.

iPhone 9 design:

Apple introduced an all-new design in iPhone X, the chance is that Apple will stick to that design for iPhone 9. The materials & manufacturing process may alter but the design will most probably remain same. In iPhone 9 we might see different sizes of the same iPhone X design.

Touch ID or Face ID:

Anything is possible. We might see touch ID back in iPhone 9 or Apple might continue with Face ID unlock method, like in iPhone X.


There were rumors going on that Apple might introduce charging from a distance feature in its next releases, so we might see that in iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 color range:

In the past, Apple has launched phones in gold, red, black colors. Now Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in white ceramics colors, making a wave on the internet that iPhone 9 might launch in similar colors.

Though Greg Koenig of Luma Labs said, “More bluntly, not only is Apple not using any new ceramics manufacturing technology in the new Watch Edition, they are not even utilizing the primary patent the original Quora article pins most of its extrapolations on – that patent described a vacuum liquid slurry casting process for ceramics. The Edition watch uses a very common pressed powder forming method.

In short, not only does the ceramic Watch quash any hopes of a ceramic iPhone, I think it actually indicates that Apple isn’t chasing down ceramics for iPhone production any time on the horizon.”

 iPhone 9 Modem:

It is heard that in 2018 Apple models, Apple may just use Intel modems instead of Qualcomm & Intel modems. The reason can be the ongoing lawsuit between Apple & Qualcomm.

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Apple iPhone X price:

It will be really expensive, that is guaranteed. The lowest price of iPhone X in Pakistan was Rs 125,499. Expect a higher price than that for iPhone 9.