Oppo to sell smartphones in Europe

Oppo is one of the fastest growing Chinese Smartphone manufacturers, Oppo is the world’s fourth-largest phone manufacturer currently. The Chinese brand is owned by BBK electronics headquartered in China. Now Oppo has decided to sell smartphones in Europe, after performing well in China and the neighboring countries and markets.

However, Oppo and Vivo its sister brand are available in Europe through various importers but the companies do not directly sell their devices on the market currently.

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According to the International PR manager Oppo, Alex MacGregor, the company confirms that it will expand to international markets; he told WinFuture that earlier statements made by the CEO Tony Chen were actually true, Chen made a statement in January that the company will streamline its expansion to global markets in 2018.

Oppo’s has sold a series of handsets successfully in the European market, now the demand for Oppo handsets in the market is positively increasing which makes company revisit its international strategy and make the most out of it by expanding into the European market.

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In emerging markets like India, Pakistan and neighboring markets, Oppo and Vivo’s strategy of brick-and-mortar retail outlets had been a success. Both the brands are dominating the offline retail space as compared to other Chinese brands.

But it is not clear yet whether Oppo will use the same offline retail strategy to sell its phones in the European market or it will develop a new online strategy to sell. The time frame and the strategy to sell smartphones both are unclear at the moment.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, has been a successful brand in the recent years, the company has successfully expanded to international markets. A recent report indicates that Xiaomi has become the top smartphone brand in India beating Samsung.

However, Xiaomi’s strategy is different from the Oppo’s strategy, Xiaomi mostly sells their units online in International markets. It is worth noting that offline retail environment is comparatively slower than the online environment, this was one of the reasons why Xiaomi expanded more quickly as compared to Oppo and Vivo, but in the long-run and from a marketing point of view physical evidence plays a critical role in brand’s success.

We can expect to learn more about Oppo’s expansion to European markets and how they will leverage the online and offline environment to their success is still to watch.