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Apple is going to face a new competitor in MacBook Business category

Apple vs Xiaomi

Some people may not be aware of Xiaomi as a rising global smartphone manufacturer, a Chinese company enjoys a nice chunk of global market share of smartphone sales. But things are getting worse for market leaders, as Xiaomi has announced to enter in the laptop market. Now the debate is Apple vs Xiaomi

How can it affect Apple MacBook Business?

Xiaomi has already announced the new Mi Notebook Air which is a thin light weight Windows based laptop, it is basically a windows based laptop which is focusing on replicating the MacBook dimensions or maybe the technology in the future.

Effects on other laptop manufacturers

As MacBook uses a unique features and software, this development by Xiaomi may not affect the MacBook business in the beginning because it’s a windows based notebook. But other manufacturers like Samsung, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, and Toshiba should consider this as an emerging threat to their market shares.

Market share of Xiaomi in smartphone sales

According to IDC market share of Xiaomi is already plunging as VIVO and OPPO which are other Chinese companies are enjoying increase in sales of their smartphones globally leaving Xiaomi behind.


Source: IDC

Is it a strategy or confusion?

Xiaomi currently facing decline in sales of their core competency which is smartphone manufacturing and sales, then why they are opening a new front which is way more competitive then smartphone niche? Despite the fact that Xiaomi is facing decline in global sales of smartphones, they should focus on improving the quality and focus on generating more sales in the smartphone industry but it seems they are confused in strategy building or they are focused in generating business from other niches which could compensate their declining sales.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air specs

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air specifications are more or less similar to the modern laptops. It comes in 2 different variations 13.3-inches and 12.5-inches models. The 13.3-inches model is compact with Intel Core i5 processor, and a 256GB Hard drive, with NVidia GeForce 940MX mobile graphics card which has the capability to play heavy video games as per Xiaomi. The other model 12.5-inches Mi Notebook Air is less powerful than 13.3-inches one and has an Intel Core M3 processor, integrated graphics, and a 128GB of Hard drive, the most interesting thing to notice in 13.3-inches model is that it has a long lasting battery life, as per Xiaomi

It lasts for 11 hours on a single charge

Final thoughts

This development may work well for Xiaomi as it focuses on light weight Apple MacBook like windows laptop with nice specifications and astonishing battery life but the previous performance of smartphone sales makes it ambiguous for future sales in this category. But one thing is sure that Xiaomi is going to compensate smartphone category loss with laptop category gain.




Featured Image: via PC advisor