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Samsung galaxy note 7 features are being revealed in an official advertisement

samsung galaxy note 7

The official date of releasing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to be announced on 2nd of August whereas, lot of people might have seen some leaked features and specs of a new Galaxy Note 7. Nothing is can be said yet with solidity but the advertisement made by Samsung Korea reveals some hidden features, and now people are speculating and translating this advertisement into various probabilities.

Fingerprint sensor, Iris scanner and complex patterns

The first revelation in the advertisement indicates that there might be enhanced fingerprint sensor and complex pattern lock screen are evident, but iris scanner to unlock the screen could be another possibility.

Water resistant   

Telephones sinking into the water shows clearly that it might be the first Samsung water resistant phone, but what level of water resistance can be expected? IPx8 standard is what people need now, according to this standard the phone should be resistant to any kind of liquid entering into the phone, this means the phone can be dipped into the water for several hours and it should keep working normally.

Frontal flash for selfies

The Girl in the advertisement is shown taking a selfie while holding a light bulb in her hands, projection of this ilk shows that Samsung is going to solve the low-lit environment problems while taking selfies, there is a strong possibility of having flash with front camera in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

S Pen’s note functionality

Highlighting with the marker in this advertisement illuminates S pen’s functionality. it might be more sophisticated.

Abandoning the number six

Question mark in place of number six makes it doubtful on having confidence in continuing 6 in the series; Samsung appears to be abandoning this model.


I am not quite sure, but I can assume from the road signs is having a flexibility in the body while it is being bent. This can be expected as Samsung is seriously considering phones with bendable screens in the future; this video clearly reveal their plans.

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Image via: droid-life