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Apple is reportedly working on a 20-inch foldable MacBook

As per the news from TheElec, Apple has begun working on the development of a MacBook that will feature a 20-inch foldable screen. The company will utilize a 20.25-inch OLED display. Where the display will be produced b an unknown South Korean supplier. Well, there are quite a several suppliers in South Korea when it comes to foldable devices and displays. But no one can rule out Samsung in this perspective.

Previously, it was reported that Apple will introduce iPhone as well as MacBook in foldable form by 2027. One thing to notice over here is that foldable devices require OLED display panels. Where Samsung display has already generated its name in this category. Apple could expectedly look up to Samsung concerning its future plans.

Talking about the foldable MacBook will measure 20.25 inches when unfolded and will measure 15.3 inches when folded. This measurement is bigger compared to the recent largest iPad Pro but small in contrast to the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

There is no official news on whether Apple will partner with Samsung or not for OLED panels. So, take this piece of news with a pinch of salt. As of now, the high-end iPhone and the Apple Watch models feature OLED displays. Whereas other products by the company feature LCD or Mini-LED panels. But now it seems to change since Apple is planning to introduce two models of iPad based on OLED displays by 2024. For these new iPads, Samsung and LG will provide the OLED display panels. Given this fact, Apple could rely on LG for delivering the OLED displays for the foldable MacBook. But it seems unlikely given the stellar quality of Samsung.

Furthermore, TheElec notes that Apple could substitute the iPad Mini with a foldable device measuring around 10 inches. Where a foldable iPhone is dubious despite the spreading rumors. We will see more advancements as time passes.