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Apple is Selling The SIM-Free And Unlocked Version of the iPhone X

Apple has started to sell from yesterday an unlocked, SIM-free model of the ever-famous iPhone X via its website, retail locations, and Apple Store App. Earlier this version of the smartphone was only available if purchased via Verizon or Best Buy, which used to charge an extra $100 premium.

Now the SIM-free version of the handset is available at the starting price of $999. So, if, one intends to buy an iPhone X from the Apple’s website then the options available would be a GSM or CDMA version of the phone which works effectively with AT&T and T-Mobile or Sprint and Verizon.

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The newly made available iPhone X, categorized under the SIM-free, allows one to purchase the unlocked phone, which means that one can freely bring the new bought iPhone X to any carrier provider or could be used with a prepaid SIM card.

There is not any enormous difference between the SIM-free version and the Verizon version of the iPhone X. Verizon has got the history of selling phones for years, even iPhones, with the ability to switch between both the CDMA and GSM networks. But, it was only possible if one has Verizon account credentials for making the desired purchase.

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If an individual love changing phones now and then, or switches between Android and iOS a lot, then the SIM-free offering of the iPhone X is the most convenient, hassle-free option that an individual can purchase and that’s just it. I mean changing phones frequently could be chaotic, the people prone to such doings know it well, they would definitely be loving this new version offered by iPhone.

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