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Apple Home Pod: Launch date, Specifications and Price

Apple has been pursuing its voice assistance device a year ago, first rumors appeared about Apple Siri-powered home speaker in 2016. However, Apple confirmed the existence of its HomePod project during the developer’s conference in June 2017.

Now Apple has officially confirmed the launch of HomePod in December 2017, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller announced the date but Apple has announced the delayed launch of HomePod until early 2018. Apple said they need more time before the first launch, on the other hand, Google, Amazon, and some others are getting a stronghold in the smart speaker market.

Google has reduced the price of its home mini as well as Amazon for its Dot, down to $30. The devices are featured on prominent sites for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and hopefully for Christmas sales. But now Apple is all set to enter the competitive market with strong headwinds ahead.

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We have some idea where Apple would be standing in this competitive market with its new device next year based on some confirmed information and some rumors. But we cannot draw any profound conclusions before actually reviewing the product what it would actually offer the consumers. It would be too early to comment what Apple can expect from HomePod and what users will get in return.

Apple HomePod Price

There is a ballpark estimate that Apple would price HomePod at $350 and it would directly enter the category of high-end smart speaker market. Apple’s premium device would be at least $100 more expensive than Amazon’s high-end Alexa smart speakers the Echo Show. The only device which will be more expensive than Apple’s HomePod is Google’s Home Max which costs $400.

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  1. Not convinced we will see the HomePod next year. Problem is Siri is really bad and will compare poorly to the Google Home. Apple usually comes late and does a better job and hard to see that happening here.

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