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Apple is unable to have the sales prohibition on the Apple Watch lifted

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This holiday season, when many other firms are offering holiday discounts, Apple is facing a ban on its Watch sale. It is the worst time for this ban, as it is going to miss out on the holiday shopping frenzy for the products that are the best ones to be a holiday gift. Apple must stop selling the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the United States.

Apple tried its best to lift this ban, but it proved to be a failed attempt. Apple has requested to lift the ban for these models until the result of appeal comes in. but this request was denied by the US International Trade Commission.

ITC denied relief application for Apple

This ban was followed by a complaint of patient infringement against the country. Apple was sued by a medical company, Masimo, a medical technology company, that accused Apple of patent infringement. The case was presented in the IRC, which discovered Apple infringed on Masimo’s blood oxygen scanning technology patents.

However, Apple hasn’t agreed with the ban, but it followed the protocol by banning the sales of its latest smartwatch. Customers can buy these devices until December 24 from stores. After that, the ban will be officially imposed on December 26. Although Apple is trying various methods to prevent this ban from being imposed,. For this purpose, it’s also making some software amendments.

The business had requested a postponement of the ban until the outcome of its appeal of the ITC decision. But the ITC has since rejected this plea. The restriction might be overturned by a veto from President Biden, though analysts believe that is unlikely.

So that its most recent models can once again be marketed in the US, Apple may take into consideration making software modifications to alter the contentious aspects. Older models are unaffected and will keep being offered via Apple’s channels of distribution.