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Apple MacBook Air With M2 Chip has a problem with the aluminum finish surface

The MacBook Air with M2 chip has a problem with the aluminum finish. As several testers and numerous users report, the surface of the new models is very sensitive to scratches. The sensitivity is especially evident with the new color.

The M2 MacBook Air has a surface scuff problem

The M2 chip makes the new MacBook Air the true performance leader in its class – even if the cooling system shows weaknesses under full load and the built-in SSD modules can be criticized. But while many buyers probably won’t be bothered by theoretical performance analyses that hardly affect them in everyday life, Apple faces a problem that many MacBook Air owners will sooner or later have to deal with.

How among other things imore, In short, there are numerous reports on the internet that speak of a particularly sensitive surface coating on the new Air models. Among others, the well-known Youtuber MKBHD speaks out with “concerns about sustainability”. In his test model, for example, he noticed that the USB ports scratch very quickly when plugging in and out.

Zoneoftech gives a particularly clear example of this scratch problem. The new MacBook Air simply looks “breathtaking”. “Unfortunately, the new color “Midnight” is very sensitive to scratches”. This is followed by an image claiming to show the USB-C port after a single use – with very noticeable wear and the silver aluminum base of the case.

MacBook Air M2 Scratchgate

Then just buy a different color? The problem seems to occur especially with the darkest model, but the lighter colors also do not seem to be completely spared. Reports here among others Lance Ulanoff of TechRadar to speak. He also quickly noticed a large scratch on his model in the classic silver color, without being able to say exactly how it came about.

Durability issues with anodized surfaces aren’t new to Apple, going back to the iPad Nano and iPhone 5. Then as now: If you want to protect your new hardware from scratches, sheer caution is hardly enough. When in doubt, make do with a shell. However, with the MacBook Air with M2, “Midnight” is probably only a choice for users with velvet gloves when it comes to the sensitive surface.