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Apple Makes Third-Party Repairs Even More Difficult For iPhone 12

In the past few years, Apple has repeatedly taken a very strict approach to replace components on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is now clear: The new iPhone 12 can basically no longer be repaired by third parties.

This emerges from various analyzes that were published after the start of the new iPhone generation. This includes, for example, the assessment of the repair professionals at iFixit. It says, “After extensive testing, comparing notes with multiple repair technicians, and reviewing leaked Apple training materials, we found the iPhone 12’s camera to be completely unreliable when swapped between iPhones.”

Spare parts configured for one iPhone only

Apple apparently “couples” the individual spare parts with the device, so that an unauthorized exchange means that, as in the case of the camera, the components no longer function reliably afterward. Such a security function had already been introduced at Apple, but after changes in the law, it finally appeared that the “right to repair” maneuver of locking out third parties would end. iFixit is now speculating as to whether this is a bug, i.e. whether Apple will break this link.

Special Apple tool required

Apple is currently making it difficult to fix an iPhone without their blessing, according to iFixit. But it is also possible that Apple intends to lock out all unauthorized iPhone camera and display repairs. Apple’s internal training manuals tell authorized technicians that, starting with the iPhone 12 and its variants, they need to run Apple’s proprietary system configuration application from the cloud to fully repair cameras and screens.

The iPhone 12 is, therefore “the only iPhone” that only Apple or an authorized partner can repair.