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Samsung Starts Mass Production Of Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21

A little earlier than previously assumed and more than a month earlier than usual, Samsung recently started the mass production of components for the new smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy “S21” series.

As we have obtained information from the environment of Samsung and its suppliers, the Korean electronics giant has been having large quantities of certain components produced in the factories of its partners that are required for the construction of the various smartphone models of the Galaxy S21 series since last Wednesday.

Specifically, these are smaller components that are built by third-party manufacturers on behalf of Samsung and sent to the Group’s plants in Vietnam and South Korea, where the final production of the Galaxy S21 series will probably start in large quantities very soon – if not has already started. The components are usually delivered “just in time” and are not stored for long.

The high-end model is the beginning

Parts for the alleged Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and the absolute high-end variant Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have been rolling off the assembly line in Vietnam since Wednesday, each with the model numbers SM-G996 and SM-G998. The beginning was made in the middle of last week with the “Ultra” model, while production for the “Plus” model started a little later.

After initially only producing small numbers of items, probably in order to optimize the newly set up production, the first batches of tens of thousands of certain components of the new smartphones have already rolled off the assembly line. It is therefore no longer just a small-scale production for pre-series devices. In addition, the production yield has also reached the usual level, so that one can confidently speak of the start of mass production. When the production of parts for the “small” Galaxy S21 with the model number SM-G991 will start is still open. According to previous reports,

Samsung will present the new Galaxy S21 series in January, which means that the introduction has been brought forward by around a month. The fact that parts production already started at the end of October supports this thesis, although so far this has always been unconfirmed information that does not come from official sources and should therefore be treated with a little caution.