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Apple Maps Updated with Detailed Indoor Maps

Apple Maps

Apple is striving hard for making its Maps more efficient and better. Only for that reason, Apple keeps on launching and introducing various new features in its applications. Apple Maps has now updated with the latest addition and has included detailed indoor maps.

Apple Maps has now scored much detailed indoor maps for more than twenty shopping malls and airports throughout the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Denmark and Singapore.

The latest update of Apple Maps would permit the users to zoom in and search the layouts of the supported locations. Shops, fast food joints, restaurants and many other venues would be shown for the user convenience at the mall, as well as service areas like elevators, stairs and restrooms.

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In airports, the user would be able to see the terminals, boarding gates and check-in areas. Indeed, this type of information would for sure help the users a lot and would save a lot of their time.

To use this feature is really simple. The user could make use of the feature by zooming on the location and by tapping on the “Look inside” button that would appear.

Earlier, Apple collaborated with Ito World for adding bike-sharing data in Apple Maps. This update is launching out in more than one hundred and seventy-five cities throughout the 36 countries. Apple Maps might help one to find the nearest bike-sharing station.

Users could also make use of the service by typing “bike sharing” in the search bar or the name of the service.

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