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Apple might add apple pencil support with 2018 iPhones

Apple pencil

Apple is heading towards launching its new iPhone for 2018 that are already making rounds of rumors and leaks on the web, Apple’s most notable flagships including Apple iPhone 9, Apple iPhone X Plus 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch are the ones that are discussed and analyzed the most.

A research group has identified a new Apple’s approach to add “Apple Pencil” in the upcoming 2018 models. The Apple’s consideration for adding Apple Pencil comes after Samsung Galaxy’s Note 9 success on the internet and people’s growing interest towards it.

The analyst group has successfully deciphered Apple iPhones exact specifications and prices prior to any iPhone launch and their suggestions went perfectly well on target, the same analyst group has suggested that Apple is more likely to add Apple Pencil support to their upcoming 2018 smartphones that would be optional.

Apple iPhone 9, Apple iPhone X plus prices

The analysts also suggested the prices for upcoming iPhone models with the 5.8-inch model coming at $899 and iPhone X plus will start at $999. However, the base model is 64GB, while the 256GB model will be carrying a price tag of $1149 and a 512GB model a $1349.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also suggested that Apple is likely to add stylus support for various iPhone models in 2018 lineup.

But Apple’s previous stylus was huge, it is still dubious how Apple would fit in stylus support in iPhones that are smaller, Apple may add a new smaller version of “Apple Pencil” which can be the best fit, but it’s not yet confirmed how Apple would deliver on this front if its confirmed.

We cannot still say with solidarity that Apple will offer stylus support to all upcoming phones but by looking at the comments from various analysts it can become a reality in the near future.