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Xbox reveals Phantom black special edition controllers

phantom black special edition

A couple of new Xbox One controllers are headed out one month from now, including the clever looking Phantom Black Special Edition. It has a translucent dark finish on the highest point of the controller that changes to champagne gold at the base. The inputs are black as well, put something aside for a champagne gold D-cushion. The controller additionally has textured grips, which should keep the Phantom Black securely in your grasp.

In the event that that doesn’t get you going, you should need to get the second new controller. It’s generally grey, with sprinkles of brilliant blue underneath the thumb-sticks and on the back. The Phantom Black will set you back $70 and ships September eleventh. The dark and blue rendition costs $65 and will drop in the US and Canada September 25th, and everywhere else October 9th.

In a few markets, you’ll get 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass with either phantom black special edition controllers, which are additionally perfect with Windows 10. You can preorder both at this point.

In the interim, the Adaptive Controller, which is intended to be more open by giving players a chance to connect to different peripherals, additionally hits retires in September.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the first of its kind. It’s a plug-and-play option for people with disabilities – it connects to the Xbox One or Windows 10 PC via Bluetooth. The controller itself is a clean white rectangle, about 11 inches long and 6 inches wide, with two large black buttons on its face. The buttons aren’t touchpads, but they are light-touch enabled, clicking down with the softest of taps so players can roll their palm between the two or otherwise click them without exerting much force. Each button makes a slightly different noise as well, offering an extra layer of sensory input.

Are you excited to be getting your hands on new gadgets by Xbox?

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