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Apple Might Downgrade The RAM For MacBook Pro

Macbook Pro Mini LED

The 14 and 16-inch models of the new MacBook Pro expected in the fall are primarily aimed at professional users and creative people who depend not only on a lot of performance but also on a lot of RAM. However, it is precisely this that could experience a downgrade.

While Apple only updated the MacBook Air and the entry-level configurations of the MacBook Pro with its new in-house ARM-based M1 chip, for the time being, the top models will follow in the course of the year. As the YouTuber Luke Miani reports in his latest video, however, there could be limitations in terms of memory. Among other things, it is expected that Apple could drop the 64 GB option for the large 16-inch model and only install up to 32 GB of RAM.

Reason For Downgrade Is Not Known

Ordinary consumers are unlikely to be bothered by this change, especially for the reason that the 64 GB option of the 16-inch MacBook is currently associated with a hefty surcharge of 920 euros. For professional photo and video editing, however, the main memory could possibly develop into a bottleneck, if you consider that the graphics unit (GPU) of the possible Apple M1X chip will also use it. It remains to be seen why the Californian company should accept such a step backward and whether technical obstacles could be behind the restrictions.

Aside from the possible RAM downgrade, Miani talks about the integration of an illuminated touch ID sensor for animations that would be missing if the touch bar were omitted. The use of an SD card reader with the UHS 2 standard for faster transfer rates are also being discussed. The YouTuber is sticking to the assumptions that Apple is planning a new, angular design and possibly even mini-LED options for the MacBook Pro with 14- and 16-inch displays. The announcement of the MacOS laptops should take place in the third or fourth quarter of 2021.