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Apple Mocked Android in Its Recent Ads

The ad-mocking war has begun again as Apple has kind of ridiculed Android and other devices, making a comparison to its iOS and iPhone respectively in its latest released advertisement.

Apple has recently launched two fifteen-second-long ads, one of the ads is such that it mocks Play Store, which is regarded as “your store” with its App Store and in the other advertisement Apple ridiculed the photos taken from “one’s phone” in comparison to that taken from an iPhone.

The first advertisement displays two sides— “your store” and “App store”. A woman is seen standing in the “your store” where she seized a box from one of the shelves that then blows up in her face. She then marches over to the App Store side and grabs a box and no such explosion happens. While, another blast occurs at the “your store” side, dropping the entire shelf down, thus showing that the Apple’s “App Store” is much safer and reliable.

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Apple did not clearly mock the Google Play Store but it is clear that first side in the advertisement is apparently indicating Android app’s experience.


The second ad shows a comparison of pictures taken by “your phone” and iPhone by highlighting the “Portrait Lightning” feature that iPhone incorporates for “amazing portraits” as per the statements made in the ad.

The ad shows the same two sides one of “your phone” and other with iPhone. Two girls are shown posing for portraits. The girl at the iPhone side gets better pictures whereas the one on “your phone” side does not.


It is possible that these ads may lead or urge others to make ads and mock Apple hence starting an ad-war again.

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