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Blendle: Have you tried the Netflix of Journalism?


In under 10 years, the way we read news has radically changed. We’re not sitting tight for an evening news telecast or a day by day paper — you get up-to-the-minute breaking news alarms wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, on account of cell phones.

In any case, while we can without much of a stretch access an assortment of news readily available, numerous distributors have adjusted to the computerized scene by including paywalls, confining substance to non-subscribers to stay beneficial.

Keeping up memberships to different productions can be dubious, which is the reason Blendle needs to aid.

It’s an individual service that offers access to well known news stories for a little expense, and it has been named the “Netflix of journalism.”

Blendle has been around since 2014, yet it was initially just accessible in the Netherlands and Germany. The organization started joining forces with major U.S. distributers in 2016, and keeping in mind that it’s in fact still in a closet beta. The correlation with Netflix is somewhat of a misnomer: Blendle works more like iTunes, enabling you to choose singular stories and pay a little money, rather than paying a month to month membership charge to get to the greater part of its content. The plan of action is useful for easygoing news readers yet less in case you’re a news addict.

You’ll need to look elsewhere in the event that you need access to local and nearby magazines, or specialty distributions. Blendle for the most part conveys national productions with a substantial print run. It bodes well not to convey provincial or specialty distributions, as they will probably draw in readers who will buy in. Pricing depends on the publisher and length of story but, for the most part, almost all content is available for less than $.50. While it sounds like a win-win scenario, we crunched some numbers to see whether the service is really worth it.

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