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Apple Named the Most Innovative Company in the World

An annual ranking of the 50 most innovative companies in the world was published by Fast Company. Apple was ranked the number one most innovative company in the world.

To Apple’s credit is its controversial yet impressive iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, ARKit etc. Apple has focused highly on its hardware & software integration.

The company on its website said, “Apple had a notable 2017: Its wireless AirPods became ubiquitous around the country; the Apple Watch Series 3 is a bestseller; developers embraced ARKit, its AR framework; and even skeptics were blown away by the iPhone X. Apple became the world’s most valuable company by being its preeminent maker of computing devices, from those you stick on a desk (Macs) to ones you strap to your wrist (the Apple Watch).”

The reason for Apple being right at the top of the list is because of its privacy honoring artificial intelligence tech, its developing entertainment market, improving medical car through CareKit and ResearchKit and much more.

In 2017 list, Apple was ranked the fourth most valuable country, but its performance has put it right at the number one spot this year.

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The credibility of these rankings is proven by the fact that almost three dozen editors, reporters, and workers of Fast Company took a survey of thousands of different companies to find out the best innovations of the year. Then the impact of the innovations was seen in the industries and businesses. After that, the list of top innovative companies in the world was compiled.

Other than Apple, Netflix, Square, Tencent, Amazon, Patagonia, CVS Health, The Washington Post, Spotify, and the NBA are also in the top 10 most innovative companies list.

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Other than the general list of most innovative companies in 2018, Fast Company also published a categories divided list. In that list, Apple topped in the “Consumer Electronics” category