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Apple Patent Reveals Next Gen Hinged Keyboard

Apple’s ideas about how the company could envision an iPad as a 2-in-1 in the macOS portfolio stem from a patent. In the style of Microsoft’s Surface Book, a possible detachable solution is being considered, which would demonstrate its advantages in both notebook and tablet form. Apple is one of many tech companies that patent almost all of their ideas without ever having a plan to execute them. It could be similar to now of Patently Apple documents found to show a classic detachable 2-in-1 with tablet and base unit. The patent, which has only just been published, was filed in this form by Apple in July 2020. Another reason why there have been rumors for years about Apple’s future in the merging of the iPad and Mac sectors.

M1 chips, keyboard covers, pencils, and more.

At least since the introduction of the Apple M1 chip in the iPad Pro and iPad Air series, the company’s tablets have relied on oversized performance that can only rarely be fully exploited, even in the professional creative field. In addition, customers are increasingly requesting an iPad with macOS operating system to improve productivity which is often limited by apps. That Apple is slowly but surely moving towards such a scenario is clear since the introduction of expensive keyboard covers and mouse support for iPads.

Apple has been bringing iPads and MacBooks together using various features for quite some time now. For example, the iPadOS tablet can be used as a second screen via “Sidecar”, while Mac input devices (mouse and keyboard) can be used simultaneously on the iPad with “Universal Control”. In this way, it is also possible to transfer files via drag & drop. However, it is still unclear if and when a transition from iPadOS to MacOS will develop from a convergence for iPads.

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