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Apple Plans First “Floating Store” In Singapore

Apple Floating Store

The US computer company which recently hit the $2 billion valuation mark, Apple wants to open a “floating” Apple Store for the first time. In Singapore, a kind of floating ball will serve as a location for the presentation and sale of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Previously there was a night club there.

According to a report by the Straits Times and the Archigardener blog, Apple is planning a new store in the port of the city-state of Singapore that will be visually and inside significantly different from what the company has created with its 300 Apple stores worldwide. The new Apple Store is to become part of the so-called Marina Bay Sands Mall, which is right next to the world-famous hotel of the same name in Singapore.

Apple is remodeling nightclub

Apple is taking over an existing building at the site, which is being converted into a kind of floating sphere, inside of which the Apple Store will be located. The outer skin is designed in such a way that the Singapore skyline is reflected during the day, while the entire sphere is supposed to shine itself at night. The new Apple store inside the sphere will probably be based heavily on the round outer shape, which will probably also require a correspondingly adapted facility. The connection to the “mainland” is made via a wide footbridge that protrudes into the port of Singapore, as well as via a tunnel running below the surface of the water that connects the store with the nearby shopping center.

Apple already operates two other stores in Singapore, each in a huge shopping center and right next to the city’s busy airport. When Apple’s “floating” store will open its doors is currently unclear. However, the company has already announced plans to do this on its website, so it will probably not take too long. With a market value of more than two trillion dollars, Apple does not have to save in the corona crisis, unlike most other companies, and can still open the store promptly.