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New iPhone Max Pro Leak Confirms LiDAR And 120Hz Refresh Rate

iPhone 12 Pro Screen

So it comes as it was reported earlier, the iPhone 12 to accommodate LiDAR and 120Hz, and now iPhone 12 Pro Max appeared in a first, short video. To be exact, the protagonist of the video is a prototype of the smartphone in the validation phase (PVT) in view of the possible commercialization and not a model already approved for sale. The clarification is appropriate given that some features are still under consideration by Apple which will have to decide whether or not to integrate them into the final model. The reference goes first to the 120Hz display which, even according to recent rumors, could enrich the standard equipment.

The video was shared on the web by Jon Prossera source that has proved to be reliable on other occasions. The front of the iPhone 12 Pro Max – or the model with a 6.7 “screen – is shown starting from minute 5:03 of the video and from the screens, it is possible to deduce some details on the display and camera.

It can be seen that, through a special toggle, it is possible to enable the highest refresh rate (120Hz); another toggle is instead dedicated to activating the adaptive refresh rate that allows you to dynamically switch from 60 to 120Hz depending on the content displayed.

In the camera section, the presence of the LiDAR sensor stands out, used for autofocus and subject detection in video modes, and for photos in low light conditions. Mention is also made of the video recording modes in 4k at 120FPS and 4K at 240FPS in Slow Motion, the advanced Night Mode, and the possibility of activating a noise reduction algorithm. It is reiterated that these options are present in the PVT model and it is not certain that they will be repeated exactly in this way in the final product.

The same source shared the two screenshots that show even more clearly the options contained in the settings sections dedicated to display and camera:

Prosser also provided further details on the technical features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max:

  • The True Depth module (it is the camera/sensor group integrated into the notch that deals, among other things, with managing the FaceID scan operations) has the same dimensions as the previous models
  • The screen bezels are visibly thinner
  • The display is slightly larger than the previous model and this makes the notch seem smaller – but in fact, the dimensions of this element are unchanged
  • Face ID works correctly even when the face is framed from a wider angle; even if you keep it resting on the table, the source specifies
  • The edges of the screen are flat, but the glass has a slight curvature
  • The rear camera module is approximately 10% wider

The trail of rumors and indiscretions on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and on the other models of the next range of Apple smartphones could soon stop with the officialization. According to the latest rumors, Apple has already started filming the launch event which could take place in September.

via Twitter, GSMArena