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Apple Releases Fix For Reinstallation Error Of MacOS On M1 Macs

MacOs reinstall error

Shortly after the release of Apple’s new M1 Mac, they saw reports that trying to restore and reinstall macOS on these machines immediately may cause installation errors and make the Mac unusable. Specifically, the error message was “An error occurred while preparing to update. The software update could not be personalized. Please try again.

Last weekend, Apple released detailed instructions on this problem for users. Especially for problems that occur when you wipe/restore your Mac before upgrading to macOS Big Sur 11.0.1. as reported by MacRumors. In this regard, Apple recommends that users can use another Mac to create a bootable installer. Or if there is no other device, you can see a more technical 17-step process solution released by Apple. It is reported that it uses Terminal to restore the M1 Mac to its normal state. If the problem is still not resolved, Apple recommends contacting their technical support.

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